Security Alert - VISA Debit Card Scams by Phone or Text Message - Your Card has been "Blocked/Restricted"


This is a fraud scheme attempting to persuade an unknowing cardholder into releasing his/her sensitive card information over the phone by stating your card has been Blocked / Restricted.  Here is an example of what the text may look like:






























The con-artist’s goal is to create a counterfeit card containing your account information or to make fraudulent purchases online or over the phone using your sensitive card data.

Here’s how the scheme works:


  • A fraudulent phone call or text message comes to you from an unidentified automated call service or messaging service falsely stating that your debit card has been “blocked” or “restricted” and the card is no longer available for use.

  • In most instances, the automated message you receive does not identify a specific bank by name.

  • You are then instructed to “Press 1” into the phone keypad to “reactivate” your card or to speak to a representative.

  • If you press “1”, you are instructed by the automated service to manually enter your 16 digit card number, your PIN #, your 4 digit card expiration date, and/or your 3 digit CVV code from the back of your card into the phone in order to “reactivate” your card. This is how they capture your card information.


If you have fallen for this scam – Don’t be embarrassed.  We simply ask that you report the situation immediately by calling Holly in our fraud department immediately at (706) 232-6871, or if it after-hours, call 800.554.8969.


Remember, you may receive legitimate calls, texts, or emails from us or Visa, but we do NOT use automated systems (you will always speak with a human), and we will NEVER ask you for your PIN number.  You should NEVER share your PIN number with anyone, and if you are ever asked for it, it is a sure sign that IT IS A SCAM!


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