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Direct Deposit/Payroll Deduction

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit allows you to deposit any recurring check such as payroll, Social Security, or pension payments, directly into one or more of your accounts.  With direct deposit, your money is in your account sooner, your check is safer, you save a trip to the credit union, and you if it is being deposited into a checking account, you won't be charged a monthly fee.


Payroll Deduction

With payroll deduction, your loan payments and savings deposits are made automatically from your paycheck.

Just ask your payroll department or the credit union if these options are available at your place of employment.

Direct Deposit/ACH Information

When signing up for direct deposit through your employer, or giving authorization for a company to deposit or withdraw funds from your account via ACH, you will need the following information:

Our routing number is 261172573.

The account number that you provide will depend on the type of account.  For your regular share (savings) account, please use your member number and add two zero's (00) to the end.  For a secondary share account, please use your member number and add the correct suffix to the end, such as 02 or 06.  If you aren't sure which numbers to use, refer to a recent statement, or give us a call.

For your checking account, please use the 13-digit MICR number from the bottom of your checks, beginning with 71088....  If for some reason you do not have checks, give us a call and we can provide you with the correct number to use.

It is important that you provide the correct account information to ensure the transaction processes correctly.  Entering the wrong information, even just one digit wrong, can cause the transaction to be rejected, and may cost you additional fees.  Or worse, in the case of your paycheck, a long delay in getting paid!

If you need a direct-deposit authorization form to provide to your employer or other company, please click HERE.  Some employers may require a letter from us, especially if you are unable to provide them with a cancelled check.  Give us a call, and we'll be happy to provide you with a letter, or anything else you may need.

Some important things to remember:


Never use ONLY your member number.  This will cause the transaction to be rejected.


Always read the ACH or EFT disclosures provided by the company BEFORE you provide your account information.  Often these disclosures contain information about how and when the company may access funds in your account, and will also provide information on how to properly revoke their access to your account.  If you are unable to find these disclosures, or the company does not provide them, DO NOT give them your account information.  And NEVER give your account information to any company that is not known to be reputable (for example, a company you've never heard of, that calls you on the phone to sell you something).

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